Driver training proving effective

A cyclist walked into the office at Eastland Port in Gisborne, and asked to speak to the logging truck manager.

He had just cycled the 100km from Te Puia to Gisborne, a winding and often narrow road frequented by logging trucks. Not an easy road, and it was a busy day because there was a ship in loading export logs.  

He had been passed, by a huge number of trucks that day and he wanted to make sure that all the truck drivers knew that he appreciated their courteous driving.  He said there was a problem with bleeding tar in places on the road but the trucks were very careful and he was genuinely impressed with the standard of driving.

Manager, Deane Craw commented that, “…by the looks of him and his setup he has travelled a fair few kilometers on his bike! So let’s celebrate the fact that good considerate driving is actually appreciated. As a part time cyclist myself I know how scary it can be with a log rig passing at speed. So well done everyone!”

Deane sent an email to some of those who would have been involved, and after reading his email we too were encouraged as log trucks are the ‘face of the industry’ and the drivers and trucking firms have been working very hard to improve that image. We decided to look a little deeper and spoke to Steven Kent who is the operations manager at Pacific Haulage, who cart logs for PF Olsen, and this is what he had to say:

Pacific Haulage, at the beginning of the year, had two of our drivers become NZTA certified SAFED (safe and fuel efficient driving techniques) driving instructors.  Our two driver trainers have been busy training every driver in our fleet and it is very pleasing to hear that the time and investment we have made in training our drivers is noticed by the general public. With comments like this we are on the right track.”

This small commendation has generated a lot of good feeling and, it is pleasing to hear that the driver and training effort is for paying off. Those same drivers will be out there on our road today, and again tomorrow, doing a good job because it matters. 

Pacific haulage drivers

Pacific Haulage drivers, Dean Treloar (left), a certified NZTA SAFED driving instructor and on the right Jack Straker.