Local community and PF Olsen help injured kea

caring for native wildlife kea

Forestry workers and wildlife volunteers rallied together in May to help out a young kea injured at a forestry site in Golden Bay. Concerned PF Olsen Nelson Manager, Brendan Horrell and Moir Logging Foreman Paul Watson, contacted local Kea Conservation Trust (KCT) Conflicts Coordinator, Andrea Goodman, and efforts to help the kea through DOC (Mike Ogle) were initiated. Local wildlife vet, Marian Milne, with help from her husband Alex, attended to the bird. The kea was found to have no obvious injuries. Although able to fly he was very reluctant to and found to be 'generally moochy'. It is possible that he had flown into the log cable and was suffering from bruising to his chest. Marian gave the kea anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, took a blood sample and released him.  This area is visited by six kea on a daily basis and up to 20 birds have been sighted at a time.

"The kea population is pretty active at Ligar Bay and quite simply part of the harvesting crew on any given morning," points out Brendan. Working with the KCT, the big take home message for us is that whilst kea seem so abundant and healthy, they are in fact nationally endangered. They're pretty unique birds that are battling and I don’t think NZers understand this".

The KCT has been working with PF Olsen for the past two months and they should be commended on their obvious care of the kea they have around their work site!

THANK YOU to everyone involved!