Kaharoa Kokako Trust Embarks on Kokako Census

The Kaharoa Kokako Trust's focus for 2015 is a survey of adult kokako in their protected area. The Trust is excited about this project as a full census has not been completed since 2006 when there were approximately 64 territorial pairs. This was an increase from 12 known pairs in 1997 when the Trust began its work in the Kaharoa Conservation Area. The adult census is a difficult job as it requires tracking birds to confirm they are territorial pairs across random transects on variable and steep terrain. You quickly discover that a straight line as the crow flies is a lot of hard meandering and up-and-down work on the forest floor. A well maintained track network helps to make the job easier for the ecologists who will complete the survey. Our volunteers will be focused on clearing the spring and summer growth and any wind falls from the tracks over the next 4-6 months. The Trust is hoping that the data collected from the census will clearly show results from the last 9 years of pest control in the Kaharoa Conservation Area. This data will assist the Kaharoa Kokako Trust with future decision making, including improvements to current pest control infrastructure, focus on particular pest animals and overall pest control work plans. PF Olsen is a cornerstone sponsor of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust ("Nest-egg" programme) and, along with the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan and Sir Michael Fay, have been active supporters of the important ecological work of the group. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust please email kaharoakokako@gmail.com and request to be added to our e-newsletter distribution list. You can also join their group of friendly volunteers by emailing the same email address. They'd love to have you along!