Hunt Log Shear

Stephen Hunt from Hunt Contracting is utilising a log shear to remove the roots of wind blown trees. This worked very effectively on a job involving extraction of timber from a large block of 17-20 year-old wind blown pine trees in Canterbury. The excavator picks up the tree along with its roots and then shears off the root plate with cutting edges made from bulldozer blades within the grapple head. These are hydraulically operated with two 6 inch rams. The stems are then piled in heaps for the grapple skidder to remove to the processing area.

Since the shearing is being done by strong static blades, there is no worry about grit and stones as would be the case if using a chainsaw mechanism. That means the cut can be much closer to the root ball, minimising loss of merchantable volume. The process is also quick and very safe, allowing high production rates and low extraction costs.

The tree size is limited to about 20 inches with the current system. Stephen is contemplating a larger Mark II version so watch this space.

Stephen has used this system before. As long ago as 1978/79 in recovery of the Balmoral Forest windblow, and more recently on the West Coast.

Stephen shows that to act safely we don't always need to invent something new; sometimes it's just a matter of remembering lessons from the past.

Log Shear

Log Shear