Future Opportunities in Harvesting and Logistics Research

The industry priority when the FFR Harvesting theme began 6 years ago was to reduce the cost of harvesting on steep land through productivity improvements and to eliminate accidents from felling and breaking out. Greater use of new technology and mechanisation was identified as a way to achieve these goals. Good progress is being made and we believe the programme has been a catalyst for a new round of innovation to improve productivity and safety of harvesting operations.

However it is time to start thinking about future priorities beyond the end of the current FFR programme. Organising a new programme, if this is what the industry wants, involves a lot of work, consultation and takes a long time to secure the necessary funding. To start the ball rolling FFR is organising an industry forum to discuss future industry priorities and to develop a broad programme outline on Wednesday 26th November in Rotorua. An invitation is extended to forest company staff, harvesting and transport contractors, government agencies, Regional Councils and researchers to participate in the forum. The aim of the forum is to identify industry priorities for harvesting and logistics research, gain a consensus if possible on these priorities and to identify research outcomes that can be developed into a programme for further discussion with industry end users.

The forum is open to all and is not restricted to FFR members. Come and have your say on future industry priorities for innovation in harvesting and logistics.

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