Safety Profile - Andrew Jensen

Name: Andrew Jensen
Home town: Rotorua
Crew name: Bay Yarding - 97
Time in the industry: 18 years
Key tasks (including training/qualifications): National certificate; log loading, tree felling.
What motivates you…
i) to act safely personally? "As the Health & Safety representative for Bay Yarding, crew 97, I feel that I have a big responsibility to ensure that all of the crew arrive home safely every day. I make sure that all crew members are up to standard in safety and I find it a challenge helping to change the safety culture within forestry."
ii) to want to care for the safety of others? "I want to see everyone go home safely. I feel good about the changes we are making in health & safety and can see that the others are responding. I have never had a serious injury on my watch. I put this down to crew members taking their responsibility seriously. I also feel that it is my responsibility to look after the other crew members; we spend a lot of time together working. I believe that a healthy worker is a good worker and when everyone is on the same page we work as a team and this makes our work easier. Having good standards and hazard management is what keeps our people injury free."
What advice/suggestions do you have for others in similar positions to yourself? "We can't be on one day and off the next. We have to be consistent with what we believe and with our responsibility for safety. We have rules that apply to everyone no matter who they are and we apply them without discrimination. If something goes wrong then work on the right process and put this into place as soon as you can. We try and do it right the first time rather than taking short-cuts."

Andrew JensenAndrew was nominated by Supervisor Brett Vincent, for taking ownership of the safety for crew 97. Apart from his regular work duties, Andrew runs the morning tailgate safety meetings and coordinates the Safe Behaviour Observations (audits). Brett says that Andrew is helping Ken White (the contractor principal) to drive a positive safety culture in the crew. Andrew takes his safety commitment very seriously and personally believes that safety takes first place in his crew.