Pre-Lift Nursery Stock Inspection undertaken by SPS Biosecurity Ltd and we received the BIG TICK of approval

"The seedlings were healthy and of good colour"

Late last year Kevin had a client enquire on what measures we took to ensure our containerised treestocks and surrounding nursery environment had a 'clean bill of health'.

As this was an interesting and relevant question, we organised for SPS Biosecurity to inspect our nursery at Waiuku in April this year. Their report and subsequent findings resulted in our nursery receiving a clean bill of health.

"While it is not mandatory in our industry to have an independent pre-lift nursery stock inspection carried out, the confidence and 'peace-of-mind' knowing that our containerised treestocks are healthy and in good condition will reassure our clients. The report acknowledged how we spray for terminal crook Colletotrichum acutatum as part of our scheduled operations. This resulted in no terminal crook being observed. Also noted was how we add Mycorrihiza and Trichoderma fungi to the soil medium to ensure good root growth and function. This is very beneficial to our containerised treestocks, resulting in excellent growth rates once planted."

With the up-coming planting season almost here, Kevin and his team are busy finishing off the containerised treestocks in time for lifting. "We monitor this process very carefully, so we only supply top quality treestocks to our clients. Through our mechanical lifting machine we select and check each treestock before it's boxed and sent away." says Kevin.

If you want to see how well our containerised treestocks would perform for you when planted, please contact Dawn Lewis, Treestock Manager on 07 921 7205