Zero Tolerance safety initiative launched

PF Olsen, in collaboration with transport contractor FDL and PF Olsen's newly formed Central Safety Committee launched the new Zero Tolerance project for loader operators and truck drivers this week. The loading and unloading of logs has been identified as a high hazard area and the project aimed at establishing clear codes of practice, including communication protocols to minimise incidents.

The "Zero Tolerance" refers to any instance of non-compliance with the rules being formally dealt with under an openly-known and clearly communicated disciplinary procedure.

To ensure awareness of requirements, all operators and drivers will be personally inducted and asked to sign a declaration that they understand the guidelines and rules and commit to following them.

To gain buy-in to the initiative a series of early morning meeting are being held to present the project, go through details and get feedback from the people "on the production line".

Mike Spiers
Mike Spiers, Regional Manager CNI Harvesting, launches the Zero Tolerance project to loader operators and truck drivers at an early morning meeting in Taupo on Tuesday.