Safety Profile - Anahera Clair

In a new Wood Matters feature, each month we will profile a person making a big contribution to safety.

Name: Anahera Clair
Affiliation: Ngati Rauhawa
Home town: Putaruru
Crew name: NS Logging Ltd 74
Time in the industry: 15 years. NB: Anahera worked in a voluntary (unpaid) capacity for 6 months during her studies just to get into fulltime forestry employment.
Key tasks (including training/qualifications): I am a fully trained and qualified Logmaker that also knows how to operate a chainsaw. I have also achieved a Health and Safety Level 1 &2 Certificate.
The Lowdown on Safety
What motivates you…
i) to act safely personally? "There are so many accidents within the forestry, and from my experience they can be prevented. I have had quite a few close friends that have passed away due to forestry accidents, so this really motivates me to work and act safely all the times."
ii) to want to care for the safety of others? "For me it is an emotional approach; all of the crew members have children or grandchildren so I want to make sure that they go home safely to their families. Being a motor-manual processing crew, I am the mother of the crew and make sure that everyone is performing safely at all cost. To ensure that when they are cutting on the skids that each of them keeps a safe distance."
What advice/suggestions do you have for others in similar positions to yourself? "It is very important that the skid-crew members understand the safety rules in this part of the operation. With the amount of things taking place and the movement of large machines and tree stems and logs, everyone needs to have H&S in front of their minds. We do a lot of work to make sure that all workers are properly inducted to the skid and know the ACoP rules. "

Anahera ClairAnahera was nominated by supervisor Hamish MacPherson. Anahera takes the initiative to look after the safety of the skid-crew. Being in a motor manual crew, she makes sure all of the safety requirements are completed and pays careful attention to the needs of the employees working on the skids. She uses her experience in forestry to help and assist the other five, less experienced, members of the skid-crew.