Safety Profile - Beaudine Harris

Name: Beaudine Harris
Affiliation: Ngati Ngapuhi
Home town: Rotorua
Crew name: FPNZ Ltd (Crew 11) - Cable Harvesting
Time in the industry: 15 Years
Key tasks (including training/qualifications): Modules in Silviculture; Pruning, Planting, Tree Selection, National certificate; Tree Felling, Breaking Out, and Processing.
What motivates you…
i) to act safely personally? "My family is the most important thing to me; having their father come home to them, to provide for them and care for them is what goes through my mind everyday while I'm at work. I need to stay safe to make sure I return home for my family. Also, being of Maori descent I believe that it is important to have a high sense of Mana and I want to ensure that I set a good example for all other Maori workers in the forest industry."
ii) to want to care for the safety of others? "There is a strong sense of 'whanaugatanga' like 'family and friendship' within our crew and that really motivates me towards the safety of others. If returning home to family is important to me, well it must be important to everyone in the crew so it is important for me to take a leadership role and to encourage people to have strong safety values."
What advice/suggestions do you have for others in similar positions to yourself? "The job has to be done right; safely and properly, no matter what pressures come on us. That means we need to stand up and speak out if anyone is not following the rules; risking their life and others. Show that you want to strive towards safety and you will really see the benefits. Having a good attitude rubs off on the people around you and that helps everyone to stay safe."

Beaudine HarrisBeaudine Harris was nominated for his excellent attitude towards health and safety. He has very good understanding of the requirements for safe work in the tasks he undertakes and consistently demonstrates this understanding every day. Beaudine is respected among his peers and takes a lead to apply any new changes in response to making the job safer.