Extension of planting window provides benefits for forest owners

Although we are now well into summer, it was only late October that we were shipping the last of our containerised tree stocks to a Dunedin client for the end of its last year's planting programme. This order was a repeat (and expanded order) from the prior year based on not only exceptional tree stock survival rates, but also exceptional early growth rates. "This is typical of results for our containerised tree stocks", points out nursery manager, Kevin Haine. "The well-developed and undamaged root network of the tree stock means that not only do the tree stocks store and travel very well, they rapidly occupy the planting site since they suffer very little planting stress and come with a 'packed lunch' – a rich, fertile planting medium in each root plug."

This feature of containerised tree stocks is well-recognised and is why they are the preferred tree stocks used world-wide.

In addition to extending the planting window into late winter/spring (and even early summer), Kevin is also sowing control pollinated (CP) seed earlier to provide foresters with the option of starting their planting programme earlier. The tree stocks can happily remain at the nursery until the order is given to ship them to the planting site, thus giving forest owners the maximum flexibility to receive tree stocks in top condition exactly when they are needed.

A wider planting window has several benefits for forest owners:

  • Better utilisation of scarce quality labour.
  • Less pressure for short, full-on planting programmes which can lead to errors and reworks.
  • Better site utilisation as more area can be replanted rather than being left until the following year.

Containerised seedling
Containerised tree stocks are planted with a "packed lunch" - growth medium - and fully intact root system. This minimises planting shock and encourages fast, early growth.

If you wish to realise this opportunity and find out more on how containerised tree stocks can help you out contact Dawn Lewis at dawn.lewis@pfolsen.com or Kevin Haine at kevin.haine@pfolsen.com.