Achieving national consistency for forestry regulation under the RMA

Many involved in the forest industry will be acutely aware of the difficulties in keeping abreast of constant plan changes as they affect forestry operations under the RMA. This is especially so as territorial and regional authorities develop and implement rules that are quite different in detail despite similar operational procedures on similar terrains seeking more or less the same outcomes.

Perhaps fewer are aware that there is a continuing stream of work being coordinated by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to try and bring to a conclusion a programme of rationalisation of rules affecting forestry under the RMA.

A multi-stakeholder group, of which PF Olsen is participating member, has been convened to continue this work. The group meets regularly in Wellington.

MPI is keen to communicate the progress and has given PF Olsen permission to provide a link to the first in a series of Bulletins that will arise from this programme. Should readers have any specific matters they wish to discuss or comment upon, the correct contacts for this are the MPI contacts listed on the first page of the Bulletin.