Sponsorship set to continue

KokakoPF Olsen has been a strong supporter of the Kaharoa Kokako Trust (KKT) in recent years and has provided valuable sponsorship to the Trust since 2012. KKT is very excited that PF Olsen have just confirmed this sponsorship is set to continue for another 3 years extending the relationship between the two organisations.

The funding provided by PF Olsen contributes to the Trust's "Kokako Nest Egg" which was established in 2007 to provide an investment fund to ensure ongoing protection of kokako at Kaharoa. The aim of the fund is to accumulate $150,000 and use the interest generated by this fund to cover ongoing work at the site to protect kokako for years to come. The Nest Egg current sits around $100,000 and with this additional sponsorship will climb even further.

The work of the Trust aligns well with PF Olsen's management of the surrounding exotic forest and there are synergies in each organisations work. In recent years, PF Olsen has provided expertise and manpower to control wildling pines over 50 hectares within the Kaharoa Conservation Area which has greatly reduced the pine issue within the Kokako management area.

As well as pine control, PF Olsen has provided access for KKT through their forests into the Conservation Area during animal pest control operations. KKT's control of animal pests within the conservation area (goats, possum and rats) compliments similar work undertaken within PF Olsen managed forests which lie adjacent to the Conservation Area. The net result is a greatly reduced animal pest presence which benefits the objectives of both organisations.

Great synergies have been developed between both organisations which have focused on protecting and enhancing Kokako in the Kaharoa area. In 2008 a survey undertaken by KKT showed a pair of kokako living in a patch of bush in forest estate managed by PF Olsen.

KTT looks forward to continuing their work with PF Olsen for the coming 3 years.