Safety Profile - Ross Carpenter

Name: Ross Carpenter
Affiliation: Ngati Te-Apouri
Home town: Tokoroa
Crew name: Skyline Harvesting - Crew 102
Time in the industry: 20 years
Key tasks (including training/qualifications): Certificate in Health & Safety; Quality control operator; Safety officer.
What motivates you…
i) to act safely personally? "As the H&S officer of the crew I really feel that it is my responsibility to ensure all workers return home safely everyday. I think it is important to set a good example for others and take the lead. Good leadership in H&S helps younger workers in keeping them safe."
ii) to want to care for the safety of others? "In the crew I know some of the families personally, so I want to ensure that all of the crew get home safely. I have had some close friends who have passed away in the forest industry and it really hits home. So this makes me want to act safe, so this does not happen to others, "
What advice/suggestions do you have for others in similar positions to yourself? "To lead by example, be prepared for changes. Take the effort and the time in training young workers and passing on knowledge to them. You can never be to safe."

Ross CarpenterRoss recently was asked to attend the safety review meeting in Wellington by FOA. He completes all SBO's, audits and he runs Skyline's safety meetings. He is Skyline's safety rep and is at every PF Olsen meeting, asks questions and is not afraid to speak his mind. Ross is an outspoken advocate for safety and a believer in zero harm.