Programme to Make Log Loading Safer

As part of a drive to improve safety outcomes in its business in general, and address unacceptably high levels of injury in the forestry in particular, PF Olsen has developed a range of targeted initiatives. One such initiative is a project called the Zero Tolerance Scheme, aimed at increasing safety of log loading. This programme was conceived by PF Olsen's Central Safety Committee and has been successfully trialed in PF Olsen's Central North Island operations. Such was its success; it is now being rolled out nationally.

Zero tolerance LogoThe programme was initially set up to work on problems around the safe loading of logs to meet the standards of the Approved Code of Practice – Forestry Operations (ACOP). However, having more or less completed that project it is now working on general road safety, speeding and the safe use of radio telephones (RTs) on forest roads.

The programme is centred on early morning presentations/workshops attended by managers, principals, drivers and loader operators. Five of these sessions have already been held by PF Olsen at various locations around the central north island. Support material includes:

  • Workshop presentation slides
  • Safe Zone stickers
  • ACOP Excerpt – C 16/17
  • Safe Zone signage
  • Three Strikes Policy
  • Log loading induction

"This programme is focused on engaging the people that will make a difference – the ones driving and operating the loaders and trucks", says Nic Steens, PF Olsen's Health and Safety Manager. "By bringing these people together they can discuss the issues that are important to them under the framework of the common goal of improving safety outcomes. This is the best way to achieve changes in behaviour".

The programme is also being recognised across the sector and other forest owners and managers are asking if they can use the same material – which of course they can. Truck drivers operate across many forest owners so the more companies enforcing these rules the better. The Zero Tolerance Scheme material has been sent to the NZ Forest Owners Association for wider forestry industry distribution and some forest owners/managers have asked to use it for the purpose of industry consistency. If others would like to get hold of the Zero Tolerance Scheme material, please contact Nic Steens on nic.steens@pfolsen.com

Zero tolerance
The Safe Zone sign – part of the support material for the Zero Tolerance Scheme for safer log loading.