New Channel to Market opened by PF Olsen Australia

Last week I watched the first train depart Bathurst, in central western NSW, loaded with 42 containers of Radiata pine logs destined for China – the culmination of two year's work to create an alternative market outlet for private forest growers in the region in the absence of significant domestic market options.

PF Olsen Australia has engaged Asciano Limited subsidiaries Pacific National and C3 on an integrated logistics services contract to handle and haul at least 175,000 cubic metres per annum of containerised timber from Bathurst to Port Botany in New South Wales, for shipping to China where demand for Australian timber continues to grow.

This is a particularly complex and expensive supply chain with more than ten contract points between harvest and sale, covering harvest and haul, log marshalling, fumigation, rail freight, shipping, IT, logistics management and sales.

The operation will see expansion opportunities for local harvest and haulage contractors, with C3 providing log handling services in Bathurst with locally based employees and Pacific National delivering rail haulage services three times a week to Port Botany on a dedicated rail service.

The first shipment of logs is expected to arrive in China within two months.