What's happening at the PF Olsen Nursery?

"Green, green, green… everywhere", is how Kevin Haine is describing the nursery at the moment. "This season's tree stocks are looking great."

Kevin and his team at the Waiuku nursery will be conditioning off the tree stocks for the upcoming planting season over the following months, a process that Kevin says is critical in allowing the tree stocks to perform, as they should.

 "I look at the different dispatch dates of each crop and work backwards so the tree stocks will be at their peak when they arrive to our customer's planting site.

"It is all part of a careful balancing act, monitoring what we do each week. Whether it's increasing or reducing the number of fertiliser foliar sprays, so hardening off can occur to allow the tree stock to tolerate frosts, or topping, which is another part of the tree conditioning process. We like our tree stocks to have a certain diameter so they are sturdier when planted in the ground. This significantly reduces any issues around crop health, and allows just the right amount of new shoot growth to occur.

"As part of ensuring the plant is working at 100% efficiency, our nursery has a regular on-going plant maintenance programme where we look at our operation and see what improvements and modifications can be implemented over the summer months."

If you want to see how well the containerised tree stocks are looking at the PF Olsen nursery please contact Kevin Haine, Nursery Manager on 09 235 3877 or Dawn Lewis, Tree stock Manager on 07 921 7205 to arrange a site visit. Or click on "Comment on this artcle" and leave an e-message.

This tree stock topper is one of the clever inventions devised by PF Olsen Nursery Manager, Kevin Haine, to produce robust and cost-effective containerised tree stocks.