Safety Profile - Rodney Hubbard

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Name: Rodney Hubbard
Affiliation: Ngati Te-Arawa
Home town: Rotorua
Crew name: H & R Harvesting Ltd
Time in the industry: 24 years
Key tasks (including training/qualifications): Together with wife Ngahuia, Rodney runs his three ground-based harvesting crews; H&R 15, 75 and 137. He has National Certificates in tree felling; ground based harvesting; log loading; and logmaking.
The Lowdown on Safety
What motivates you…
i) to act safely personally? "As the manager of a harvesting company, totalling 30 or 40 people I really feel that it is my responsibility to ensure all my workers return home safely everyday. My operations need to be safe so that our people are safe. This starts with me. I think it is important to provide a good healthy work environment with high standards in safety and good forestry practice. We want to set a good example for those working in our crews and also for the industry."
ii) to want to care for the safety of others? "I am a family man so I have a constant reminder that all of my workers have families. A few years ago one of my workers suffered an injury while working in my operations and the first thing his wife said to me was "how come you let him get hurt". This statement had a big impact on me so that these words are always in my mind. Ensuring the safety of others is my number 1 priority and secondly, but no less important, I want to make sure that we do our part in making our forestry industry safer."
What advice/suggestions do you have for others in similar positions to yourself? "The biggest thing in safety is to try and go that extra mile. Demonstrating safety leadership does make a difference. We are not saying that we can't improve but our good record and Health & Safety achievements provide everyone in our crews with a great sense of pride. This provides a good base for the work and creates a chain effect not only among everyone but also in the work that they are doing. It all starts with leadership, so go that extra mile to ensure all workers are safe within your operations."

Rodney HubbardRodney was nominated by Supervisor Gary Inman. Rodney Hubbard and Vikki Whareau (Health & Safety Coordinator) took the initiative in making up the 5-step tree felling procedure sticker and this has been produced and delivered to PF Olsen contractors across the country. By placing the sticker onto the chainsaw, tree fellers are reminded to observe the 5-Step procedure for safe tree felling.