Ambitious plans for processing zone exclusively for imported timber

Plans for a timber processing zone in Paradip on the east coast of India are being discussed by the State Government of Odisha, location in pink shown below.

Location of Odisha Province. Source: Google Maps

The plan for the Paradip zone is modelled on the Kandla zone. If this project goes ahead it will support expansion of wood based industries using imported timber to manufacture for the domestic and international markets.

The indications are that the state government will provide around 200 hectares of land near Paradip port as well as related infrastructure.

In the first phase it is proposed that the zone will accommodate five large sawmills, twenty small sawmills, ten plywood mills, ten large processing factories for furniture, doors, windows and joinery items and around one hundred small and medium sized enterprises. To facilitate timber supplies five timber trading centres are also planned.

Paradip port is convenient for cargo arrivals from Myanmar, ASEAN countries and New Zealand which will result in a cost advantage.

Many local and overseas entrepreneurs are showing an interest in participating in this wood industry cluster which is expected to provide direct employment to 12,000 people and bring in investments worth about Rs. 6 billion.

Source: Global Wood