Information portal for New Zealand forestry planned

For those with an interest in forestry matters and especially in data and information about forestry, you may be interested in this online questionnaire.

Scion as part of the Future Forests Research programme is looking at the requirements for the design of a "Forestry Portal". The objective is to provide recommendations for the design and implementation of a system for the acquisition, storage and display of key indicators that verify the industry's performance across a range of environmental measures.

The proposed structure is intended to call upon a number of currently existing datasets such as the National Exotic Forest Description, the LUCAS monitoring structure and others including some new additions to measure areas critical to certification.

As well as providing data sets and trend data related to biodiversity, water quality, erosion, soils and chemical use, it is intended the information will have multiple users from Government Departments fulfilling their reporting obligations (and supplying the data) to members of the public seeking factual science based information about plantation forests in NZ.

The questionnaire is a simple, short series of questions aimed at getting a better understanding of what ways people are likely to want to extract information from or interact with such a portal.

Click here to take the survey.

Open and informed engagement between regulators, certifiers and managers can create an operating framework whereby forestry can fully deliver its many favourable environmental effects. FFR's forestry portal should assist with information sharing and benchmarking.