Forestry Share of Primary Growth Partnership

On 10th June 2013 we had the opportunity to profile the FFR programme to improve the productivity and safety of harvesting on steep terrain to a gathering of politicians, officials and business people at the Beehive.

The Government's Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) is committed to growing the performance of the primary sector as the "engine" of export growth which is a key plank in the Governments Economic Growth Agenda. PGP has committed over $300 million into 13 programmes across the primary sector. With matching industry funding that is almost $660 million for primary sector innovation.

Source : MPI June 2013

The forest industry share of this funding is only $4.5million, supporting two small programmes investigating steep hill country harvesting and alternatives to methyl bromide for export product fumigation.

The other sectors of the primary sector are investing heavily and attracting Government funding support. These include:

NZ Merino Ltd 13
Sanfords – High value shellfish breeding 26
Precision Seafood Harvesting 26
Manuka Plantations for Honey 0.85
Farm IQ – Red Meat 91
Food Plus – Read Meat Processing 43
Balance Fertilisers – New Fertiliser Products for Pastures 10
Seed and Nutrition - Pasture Species 7
Dairy NZ – Transforming the Dairy Value Chain 86

The implication for the forest industry is if we don't invest to add value to our products and forests our competitiveness relative to other land uses will decline.