Why should you plant container grown trees?

Forest owners in many large countries with large commercial estates wised up years ago.

Chile, Australia, Sweden and Norway, Indonesia and Malaysia just to name a few have been planting container treestocks for decades.

Then why has New Zealand taken so long to recognise the benefits of container treestocks?

One of the first negatives was cost. There is a huge capital outlay to establish a container nursery, therefore making the first container trees expensive. But container treestocks can now be grown at a cost that is extremely competitive with bareroot treestocks.

Despite this it is proving a big challenge to educate some forest managers and their clients of the benefits they could receive by planting container treestocks. But those that have tried them keep coming back each year.

The PF Olsen nursery has produced close to 30 million treestocks since 1996. They have proven themselves in diverse sites from sandy soils in the far north of the North Island to really harsh cold sites down the bottom of the South Island.

What are the benefits of container treestocks that you should know about?

  1. A lower risk of establishment failure due to less transplant shock - no severe root trimming, no blanking or replanting!
  2. Reduced risk of mortality in dry or sandy conditions.
  3. Reduced risk of mortality if treestocks get stuck in transit (it does happen) or planting inadvertently gets delayed (and yes this does happen as well).
  4. Virtually no root disturbance during lifting, packing, transport and right through to planting.
  5. Containers come with their own "packed lunch"- so no sulking after planting- just straight into new growth!
  6. Out of season planting, i.e. cutovers can be planted in even November or early December.
  7. PF Olsen container treestocks are all treated with selected trichoderma endophytes –these are beneficial micro-organisms that aid in protecting the plant from diseases and promote seedling growth and vigor.

Many NZ forest managers and investors are trying containerised treestocks and are very pleasantly surprised by the results.

If you decide after reading the above that container treestocks could work for you, contact Dawn Lewis on either dawn.lewis@pfolsen.com or 021 726 742 or 07 9217205.