Staff profile

Introducing Kevin Haine - PF Olsen Container Nursery Manager.

Kevin started work for PF Olsen Ltd in 2001.

His role was that of a forester managing client forests in the CNI region and working out of our Rotorua Office.

In 2005 the position of Nursery Manager became available and Kevin was the successful candidate. He was a bit nervous about the transition from forester to Nursery Manager but thought that he had a good understanding of what a Forest Manager should be planting in a client's forest and therefore, with some training, he should be able to turn out a product that would meet the client's and Forest Manager's expectations.

Grant Hastings, an experienced Nurseryman, was appointed Kevin's mentor for a twelve month period and with Grant's guidance, Kevin turned out his first crop of Pinus radiata (P.rad.) seedlings and cuttings in 2006. Since then he has never looked back and has consistently turned out an exceptional crop of seedlings and cuttings every year.

Kevin appreciates that there is no standard formula for producing a consistent crop of P.rad. as climate influences can vary dramatically from year to year. Being very aware of what mother-nature is up to plays an important part of crop management as well as ensuring that the seed or cutting propagules are of the highest standard to begin with.

Kevin has not only grown P.rad. crops. He has also produced Acacia mearnsii and Acacia dealbata in large numbers. He has also grown various types of Eucalyptus as well as Sequoia sempervirens (Redwoods), Cupressus lusitanica and Cupressus macrocarpa.

Kevin's attention to detail and ingenious engineering skills (he invented his own topping machine and lifting platform) have meant that he has become a very successful Nursery Manager turning out crops of container trees that are getting planted from the far north of the North Island to the far south of the South Island.

In 2009, he won the prestigious Murray Richards Memorial Trophy presented by Everris to celebrate innovation in the New Zealand Nursery industry. This was presented to Kevin for his topping machine invention.

Apart from holding down a full time job managing our container nursery, Kevin also manages to find time to participate in some fairly interesting hobbies. He enjoys game fishing (and last year purchased a Surtees 6.7m Sports Fisher), kite surfing, mountain bike riding and racing around on yachts and sail boats! He also likes to travel to far away places and has recently been to Uruguay and Argentina.

He also shares his life with his lovely pet dog Poppy – the rabbit exterminator!