Wood Matters is getting into the groove of spring growth, and is having a "Birthday"!

In conjunction with the growth of PF Olsen Australia Pat Groenhout, PF Olsen Australia's General Manager, will be posting a regular piece in Wood Matters. This will bring in a regular Australian forestry perspective into Wood Matters.

We are also starting a regular "Fact or Fiction" section. Most folk involved in forestry are passionate about their business – not always in the demonstrative "over-the-top" arms waving about kind of way – but nonetheless they have strong feelings about forestry. Therefore, it is concerning that forestry appears to be losing ground in the recognition of its commercial, environmental and social values. Media, in particular, appears ready to criticise forestry, often with little fact, and usually with emotive platitudes. Recent examples include forestry under fire for causing landslips and debris slides, rural depopulation and depletion of diverse ecosystems. Unchecked, perpetuation of these, and other myths, will result in lost opportunities for forestry to make its fullest contribution to the sustainable stewardship of our precious land resource. Our "Fact or Fiction" section will, each month, address myths and fallacies related to forestry and try to provide an informed and balanced perspective for Wood Matters readers.

Whilst looking through back-issues, we note that the first Wood Matters (Issue 1) came out August 2008, so we've had our fourth "Birthday"! This issue sees Wood Matters into its fifth year. Thanks for all the support and feedback from readers. To that end we make a request – take a moment to think about who you know that might like to receive Wood Matters. Just click here or click on the "forward to a friend" button at the bottom of the newsletter. You can actually forward to many "friends" at the same time. Don't forget to add a note that if they like Wood Matters, they need to click on the "subscribe" button on the right hand side of the newsletter to self-subscribe.