PF Olsen Gets Behind Environment Bay of Plenty's Forestry Operator Accreditation Scheme

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has developed the Forestry Operators' Accreditation System (FOAS) system to recognise operators who undertake forestry harvesting and earthworks activities and have adopted good environmental management practices which minimise the impact on the environment.

The overarching FOAS objective is to maintain a high standard of environmental performance of forestry operations, consistent with the objectives of the Bay of Plenty Regional Water and Land Plan, while permitting forest harvesting and earthworks.

FOAS allows accredited operators from forestry companies, small woodlot owners, farm foresters, and forest harvesting and earthworks contractors to undertake a variety of operations covering different blocks, or to move around between blocks in response to market needs or opportunities, without the need for a resource consent.

Four staff at PF Olsen have achieved the accreditation out of a total of only 14 accredited operators. That means PF Olsen staff represents 28% of all accreditations.

The list of accredited operators is posted on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council web site.

PF Olsen staff comprise 28% of the Accredited Operators on the Approved List

The benefit for PF Olsen clients is that with four approved operators on our staff, operations can be initiated more quickly and cost-effectively to meet the needs of harvesting and marketing woodlots and forests.