Patricia Towersey

Pat started working for PF Olsen in May 1976 and after 36 years of truly dedicated service was forced to retire due to illness at the beginning of May this year. Pat's retirement unfortunately was all too brief and she passed away at the beginning of September.

Pat's original role was as receptionist, typist and personal assistant to Peter Olsen but this role ultimately turned into the Human Resources and Administration Manager with responsibility for all staffing administration such as salaries, annual leave entitlement, superannuation and medical claims while still continuing to edit and format a large number of the senior manager's reports before they were sent to clients.

Pat set very high standards for the company report writing and correspondence. Pat absolutely hated reports being sent to clients that had spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Pat embraced technology, she was one of the first to have a computer in the company when PCs became affordable in the mid 80's and was easily the most proficient in its use virtually from day one. Because of her skills in this area especially in word processing, she quickly became the "go to lady" or as they like to call it now the "Help Desk" for all our consultants and forest managers, and until Pat fell ill the majority of our senior managers would contact Pat regularly to seek her help, not just on computer use but on all manner of things including staff issues and travel bookings. You name it, Pat sorted it.

Pat for many years was also the social convener for the fun things PF Olsen did including, morning tea shouts, drinks after work on Friday, social functions and BBQ's - at the end of year, beginning of year, and mid winter. Pat organised them all.

The social functions helped PF Olsen to develop the family-friendly work culture, which has made attracting and retaining good staff, a major reason for the success PF Olsen, so much easier.

Pat was also renowned for her forthright views on company matters and certainly tendered that advice to the Peter Clark and Peter Keach when she believed they hadn't got it right or there was something Pat disagreed with.

Pat absolutely loved her job and loved the people she worked with.

We loved her back and we have missed Pat's presence everyday since she has been gone.