Forest Growing Master Classes at FFR

To date Future Forests Research (FFR) has relied upon its 6 monthly Member meetings and posting technical reports on its website to update industry members on useful outcomes from research programmes. Feedback from industry end users is that this has not resulted in effective and widespread uptake of key results.

The response by FFR and Scion has been to re assess how key results can be more effectively transferred to industry practitioners. As a result a decision was made to run a series of workshops covering areas of interest to industry. The 3 workshops, held in both Christchurch and Rotorua, cover the following topics:

  1. Quantitative Silviculture is focused on giving participants a better understanding of how stands develop over time and respond to silvicultural treatments so they are better able to interpret the outputs from growth and yield forecasting models.
  2. Understanding the Drivers of Forest Productivity is focused on giving participants the knowledge to describe factors that affect tree productivity so they can analyse current management practices and critically evaluate options for adapting tree growth (and wood quality).
  3. Resource Assessment of Forests is focused on remote sensing systems and alternative sampling methodologies that have been developed to quantify tree growth and condition.

The format of the two day workshops is a combination of presentations (to highlight the science) followed by "hands on" exercises that promotes the use of the knowledge in real-life situations. A follow up field session is scheduled for workshop participants to reinforce the classroom learning.

Feedback from participants has been very positive – the opportunity to mix with their peers and scientists to address issues of common interest in a very interactive manner. FFR sees immense value in continuing these workshops as they are an obvious vehicle for updating/up skilling participants in outcomes from the research programmes.