John Deere Harvesting Simulator Provides Excellent Training Opportunity

Waiariki's School of Forestry and Primary Industries has secured the loan of a John Deere E Series Harvester / Forwarder simulator from John Deere US, through the assistance of Cable Price (NZ) Ltd. Waiariki Institute of Technology has responsibility for this simulator but it is keen on making it available to organisations within the NZ forest education sectors and the NZ forestry industry.

The simulator was first showcased at the PF Olsen Forest Industries 2011 Expo in September of last year.

The simulator provides a great opportunity to get the "feel" of operating a real harvesting processor without the cost and safety risk of doing so in the field. Just as flight simulators play a significant role in training pilots, this harvesting simulator is expected to have a similar role in training harvesting processing operators for the NZ forestry industry.

The simulator is also being used to promote careers in forestry at expos by giving people the "hands-on" opportunity to see how advanced technology is being used to make working in the forest more productive and safer.

Waiariki has incorporated use of the simulator into several of their forestry courses, particularly the harvest planning modules of the L5 National Diploma in Forest Management.

For those interested in booking the simulator, contact Jackie Gainsford at Waiariki.

The John Deere Harvester Simulator in use at Waiariki