FITEC Teams up with Waiariki and Canterbury University to Provide Information on Forestry and Wood Industry Careers

FITEC, the forest industries training organization, is collaborating with the Waiariki Institute of Technology and Canterbury University to put together a comprehensive forest and wood industry careers booklet for students and parents covering roles at all levels in all sectors.

"It is some time since the industry had such a booklet. Probably the last most effective one was back in the New Zealand Forest Service days during the 1980s", says Ian Boyd, FITEC CEO. "It is now needed again to describe the diversity of careers available in the current environment. I'm also aware we are competing with other areas of the Primary Sector who have some very impressive publications out there".

This is an excellent initiative to attract keen, motivated and talented people to the forestry sector which has the potential to grow significantly over the next 15 years. This will assist the sector perform to its maximum potential and get the greatest return for investors.

Drafts will be reviewed by forest industry associations and other key industry participants so a relevant publication is achieved and it gets total industry ownership and involvement.