Photopoint Monitoring Provides Insights into Ecosystem Changes

Photopoint monitoring is an effective and efficient method to monitor long-term changes in native vegetation cover. Photos taken from the same point every three or so years visually depict changes in species abundance, health and vigour.

Photopoints are one monitoring tool that PF Olsen implements, particularly within the Forest Stewardship Council certified estate. A permanent photopoint marker (as shown below) is installed where the photopoint is established, and the date and GPS location is recorded each time a photo is taken.

This provides the basis for compiling a long-term record of passive changes within these ecosystems, or can show the impact of management applied, such as wilding pine control shown below on a geothermal sinter terrace.

PP1a 2008 shown on Left; PP1a 2012 on Right
This wilding pine control was carried out by PF Olsen as part of its support to expand Kokako habitat near Rotorua.


PF Olsen is finding photopoint monitoring not only an effective way of meeting the standards required of FSC certification, but also a useful tool in better understanding the longer-term implications of land management.