PF Olsen graduates

As business has grown, so too has the number staff at PF Olsen. Over the last few years, a number of University of Canterbury graduates have been employed by PF Olsen to fill new roles in a range of fields. All are graduates of the School of Forestry, and hold Bachelors or higher degrees in Forestry Science or Forest Engineering. Such graduates are scarce due to the high demand in the New Zealand (and Australian) forest industries.

The graduates are given further on-the-job training and mentoring by seasoned staff at PF Olsen. They are a valuable resource both now and in the future in terms of succession, justifying the investment the company makes in their training and development.

Lawrie Scott
Forest Manager

Sally Haddon
Environmental Forester

Boon Tan
Forestry Analyst

Jake Saathof
Roading Supervisor

Lana Swart
Graduate Forester
January 2012

Ben Friend
Harvest Manager
January 2012

Kimberley Evison
Graduate Logistics Coordinator
November 2012