Supporting Eucalyptus fastigata

The potential rewards of growing eucalypts in New Zealand have captivated many foresters over the years resulting in a range of species being planted over thousands of hectares. However, with the benefit of hindsight, it's fair to say that the genus has not lived up to expectations yet. As with all generalities, there are exceptions and Eucalyptus fastigata is one of them. It has performed spectacularly on the right sites and has wider site tolerance than most Eucalyptus species. However planting rates have been up and down over the years. Today the ETS and a shortage of short fibre pulp have rekindled interest in this species.

Two new tools are now available to assist growers with decisions on the growing the species. The first is a web tool that will provide landowners with a general approximation of E. fastigata's potential to sequester carbon. This tool can be used for new and existing plantings; however it assumes that stands will not be thinned, pruned or fertilised. It can be accessed by clicking on the following link Carbon Forestry Tools.

The second, available to members of the Diverse Species Theme is a web-based calculator which uses the E. fastigata growth model. This calculator allows users to predict the growth and value for different regimes on different sites. It is a valuable management tool which will assist both foresters and managers with their decisions on growing and managing this species leading to improved future stands of E. fastigata. For further information on this calculator, please contact info@ffr.co.nz.