Recognition of Environmental Performance

As environmental standards and expectations increase there has been a strong focus on identifying and remedying operational practices that were unsatisfactory or posed a business and environmental risk. We believed it was time for a new initiative to recognise and commend good performances and outcomes.

To support this initiative a new shirt has been designed. The design, developed with input from James Rickard, head carver at Te Puia Carving School in Rotorua, depicts a "maripi" or cutting tool, side by side with a stylised fern frond. The idea is that they represent the concept of the use of the environment being able to coexist within and with care of the environment. The wording "Ngahere Kaitiaki" translates as "Forest Guardian".

Recognition of excellent environmental performance in the field will be made to individuals or crews along with the giving of the shirt; examples will include where people have gone the extra distance to successfully protect environmental features or achieve recognisably commendable outcomes.

This may seem like a small initiative, but it is based on the understanding that environmental outcomes are very much influenced by the people at the "coal face". Encouraging a better understanding of good practise and environmental awareness in field operations will strongly complement PF Olsen's Environmental Management System, and good environmental outcomes.

An award to Skyline logging crew members for excellent harvesting around a very difficult native forest edge in Tuararangaia Forest