New Faces at PF Olsen

We extend a warm (and a little belated) welcome to the following new people at PF Olsen.

Matt McCloy (B. For. Eng. (Hons)) joins the Rotorua Harvesting team as a specialist harvest planner. Matt has 20 years experience in harvest planning and forestry roading design, contract and project management, forest harvesting systems and operations planning. Matt has been working on contract for PF Olsen for over a year assisting with improving engineering environmental performance, and has recently become a permanent staff member.

Chris Groome has also recently come on permanent staff as a harvest planner after initially providing contract services. The rapid expansion of activity in the Rotorua Harvesting business has necessitated taking on additional management capability to ensure high quality and timely service to clients. Chris is currently completing a National Diploma in Forest Management. He is experienced in log making, breaking out, tree felling and skidder operations.

Uday Grewal joins the OTPP management team in the role of logistics co-ordinator. Uday recently graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Forestry Science Degree and he provides valuable technical capability to the dynamic and critically important supply chain management area.