Department of Labour Recognises Sabre Logging's Performance

Steve Williams, Health and Safety Inspector – Forestry, of the Department of Labour (Te Tari Mahi) recently visited Sabre Logging working for PF Olsen in the Southern North Island (SNI) region. Steve had this to say about the crew:

"I would also like to add that I was very pleased with the positive attitude with regards to H&S of Sabre Logging, from both Ramon and the employees, well done. The whole operation was being well run and the equipment (mobile plant / chainsaws etc) is being well maintained and the PPE was of a high standard.

"I also had good talk with Ramon about training as he has some new employees not long in the industry. From my discussion with Ramon he has implemented a solid training program in place for these new employees and has engaged a local trainer to assist in this area. In fact the trainer was on site at the time of my visit.

"I had a look over their H&S system while there and it was really good to see that Sabre Logging has a good system in place and is using it as it is intended under the HSE Act. I was impressed that Sabre Logging has made a conscious effort and done quite a bit work in the area of HSNO having the MSD forms and other HSNO requirements incorporated in their H&S system and that they have an emergency spill kit available on site should it be required.

"Overall I would like to say that from my observations this logging operation is being run in a very professional manner both operational and H&S, and it was pleasing to see."

PF Olsen would like to express its appreciation of Sabre Logging's good work and effort to make their work-place a safe work-place. Rob Coulson, PF Olsen's Harvesting Manager in the SNI region, has this to add:

"It is refreshing to work alongside an organisation that each time you visit them you witness demonstrations of their commitment to Health & Safety in their attitudes and practises. Each member of Sabre fully understands that Health & Safety is not just a regulatory requirement but a key driver in their success going forward.

"PF Olsen's task is to ensure that its clients understand the benefits of having organisations like Sabre Logging doing their harvesting. By appointing suitably qualified and experienced mangers and crews, woodlot owners are discharging their responsibilities under the Health and Safety in Employment Act and avoiding liabilities that come from engaging service providers that don't have good Health and Safety systems and culture. They are also doing the best they can to avoid dangerous and damaging accidents occurring on their property."

Well done Sabre Logging, keep up the good work!

Ramon is clearly showing leadership in Health and Safety management with his crew Sabre Logging