"PF Olsen achieved full compliance with Regional Council requirements"

George Parkes signed up with PF Olsen Ltd to manage his woodlot harvesting and marketing. The harvesting was done from December 2009 to February 2010 and coincided with good summer weather and a favourable log market.

George says: "I was impressed with the harvesting contractor, who left a tidy cutover and logged all the trees off some very difficult areas. PF Olsen's communication was good. The Auckland Regional Council seemed to take a special interest in this job as it is in the area of the Whangateau Harbour and their audits during and after the operation revealed full compliance with their requirements. We had good weather and a buoyant export market (so I am told) and this will have helped the profit result being better than PF Olsen's estimate. PF Olsen clearly did not try and win the work on the basis of inflated profit expectations."