Proposal to Increase Sequestration Rates for Indigenous Forest

One of several changes MAF is proposing to the ETS is to change the sequestration rates for indigenous forests from the 3t CO2/ha/year (each and every year) to rates that vary each year, and are higher overall.

Based on research by Landcare Research, a new table is proposed which effectively means that over 50 years, almost twice as much carbon sequestration could be claimed than under current Regulations (323t CO2/ha as opposed to only 150t CO2/ha), see link Amending the Climate Change (Forestry Sector) Regulations 2008 - Consultation Document.

This change is believed to more accurately reflect actual sequestration rates (on average over New Zealand) and expected to encourage the initiation of more indigenous carbon-forestry projects.

As with sequestration rates of exotic forests a field measurement-based approach is still planned for forests larger than a specified threshold area. Consultation about the field measurement approach, including the value for the threshold area, is expected later this year.