PF Olsen Presenting at Upcoming Wood Supply Chain Optimisation 2010

As physically remote countries, the quality of New Zealand and Australia's international supply chains have a significant impact on the ability of companies to compete in global markets. The structure of the supply chain has been a major issue for the forest products sector in maintaining its international competitiveness.

Volatile wood fibre costs, increasing energy prices and shifting product demand have all created significant pressures on forestry and wood products companies to reduce their costs and take advantage of demand opportunities.

To address the issue of inefficiencies through the wood supply chain, a wide cross section of forest products and logistics companies and leading technology providers have worked with the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) to design Wood Supply Chain Optimisation 2010. It runs in Melbourne on 19-20 May 2010 and again in Rotorua for New Zealand companies on 24-25 May 2010. See www.woodsupplychain.com for more details.

PF Olsen is presenting a paper at both the Rotorua and Melbourne sessions. Titled "Sales and Operational Planning", the presentation will outline how PF Olsen has taken an IT-based approach to optimising customer log order files with (forest) resource and harvesting capacity. By extending the functionality of its proven Forest Information and Planning System (FIPS), PF Olsen has developed a robust and integrated system that draws on stand GIS data, inventory data, harvesting plans, crew capacity and market demand to optimally allocate logs to specific log purchasers. "This is an exciting development", says Peter Weblin, PF Olsen's Marketing Manager. " This application tackles one of the more complex and dynamic processes in forestry, but also the one that holds a lot of promise to increase returns through better allocation and minimising log inventory - the Just-In-Time operations management approach."

The paper will be presented by Stephen Bennison, PF Olsen's National Supply Chain Manager. If you would like to learn more about this application, go see Stephen at Wood Supply Chain Optimisation 2010 or call Stephen on 07 921 1899 or Peter Weblin on 07 921 1876.