Major Safety Initiative for 2010 Launched

PF Olsen's chief safety initiative for 2010, and one that has been written into our 2010 Business Plan, is a series of Leadership in Management seminars. This programme is consistent with the Department of Labour's (DoL's) and New Zealand Forest Owners' Association (NZFOA) three 'key initiatives' to be worked on during the years 2009 - 2011, namely:

  1. Leadership development - a cultural shift among current and emerging industry leaders.
  2. Training for skill - as opposed to training for compliance sake.
  3. Safety simplification - reducing the volume of rules, making the rules easier to understand, and reducing duplication.

The seminars are hot on the heels of another recent collaborative 'Leadership Development' initiative amongst PF Olsen, DoL and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). This group organised a 12-month 'pilot' with 40 forest industry leaders and used Dr. Hillary Bennett to develop a framework for improving industry culture and leadership. The learning from this project will be used in the subsequent Leadership in Management seminars.

The programme will comprise four seminars. Each of these will be two hours in duration with a maximum attendance of 16 people per seminar. Principal contractors will be invited to join PF Olsen operational employees (and those that manage operational employees or interface with them) to learn and benefit from this important safety/productivity initiative.

The schematic below shows pictorially what are seen as the critical elements of growing a safety culture.