PF Olsen Taps into new Rainfall Prediction Programme

As part of its harvest planning and engineering management, PF Olsen is now utilising a new on-line predictive tool supplied by the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA). High Intensity Rainfall Design System (HIRDS) is a web-based program that can estimate rainfall frequency at any point in New Zealand. It can be used to estimate rainfall depths for hydrological design purposes, and to assess the rarity of observed storm events.

Harvest planning and engineering is a careful balancing act between designing roads, landings and support structures such that they are fit for purpose but they must also be cost-effective. The other essential criteria is that they don't result in adverse environmental affects which can cause breaches of the Resource Management Act (RMA).

This new tool from NIWA will be very useful at assisting PF Olsen harvest planners and engineers design the optimum roading and landing configuration for prospective harvesting blocks. Whilst the vagaries of the weather will always pose a challenge, having tools to allow a more scientific basis for design is most welcome.