PF Olsen Passes ISO Audit with Commendation

PF Olsen has recently undergone an audit of its management systems by Telarc. The assessment was carried out on the 8th and 9th July 2010. Some excerpts from Telarc's report provide an independent third-party view of the quality of PF Olsen's management system and its commitment to continuous improvement.

In his covering letter, Dr John Bryden of Telarc said:

"No non-conformances were noted and your registration will continue. The auditor was very impressed with the status of both management systems and the company is to be congratulated on its approach. It was very noticeable that the Contractors working in the field were extremely conscious of all issues of quality, health and safety and environment and were putting these into practise."

The Executive Summary of the Audit report went on to say:

"The management system was found to be extremely well controlled and is very obviously a live system that is being used on a day-to-day basis. Document control is done through the electronic system and is regularly reviewed. Some examples of this were seen in the Harvesting Manual and the Land Information areas.

"Mapping a forest provides many benefits to forest owners. It can save money by ensuring accurate forecasting - meaning the forest owner only ever has to pay contractors for the correct area they work on. Maps also allow the owner to plan the harvest and identify any previously unknown costs (like bridges, new roads, access, etc). Owners can optimise road locations and identify any legal or boundary issues before they become a burden. The PF Olsen Land Information maps are very handy when applying for resource consents.

"The H&S system was briefly reviewed and found to be well managed.

"Compared with the last assessment the company has continued to make improvements to the quality and environmental management systems and the level of management commitment is extremely high."