Taking Safety Leadership to the Forest

PF Olsen has established three, equally important goals, in pursuit of safety excellence. These are:

  1. Leadership development.
  2. Training for skill.
  3. Safety simplification.

To communicate PF Olsen's safety message and to share information with forest workers, PF Olsen's CEO, Peter Clark is undertaking a programme of meeting and speaking with workers and contractor principals at their work-place, in the forest.

So far this year Peter has met with a total of 30 crews comprising 217 people, from Parengarenga forest in the Far North to Lowmount forest in Canterbury. More visits are scheduled and don't worry, Otago/Southland, Peter will get to you.

"Not only is this a great opportunity to meet the crew and share ideas and strategies, it also shows workers that forest owners and managers recognise the importance of what they do", says Clark. "This is very much appreciated by the guys".

This is all part of PF Olsen's commitment to making forestry work safe and so far its succeeding. Last year PF Olsen set a goal of an LTIFR of less than 5 for 2010 (this is a measure of the frequency lost time injuries as a function of the number of hours worked). If all goes well in the closing period of this year, the goal will be achieved. This compares to industry average achievements of between 10-15 LTIFR.

Peter Clark on Safety

Peter Clark meets with a DG Glenn crew at Okare forest inland from Wairoa.