Staff Changes

PF Olsen welcomes back Erin Leahy [B ForSc (Hons)] who returned to PF Olsen after a two-year overseas working holiday. Erin initially joined PF Olsen in December 2005 as a silvicultural forester in the Rotorua Forest Management Team. She has now joined the Rotorua Consulting Team as a forest analyst, assisting with Emissions Trading Scheme-related work, consulting and environmental projects.

Tatai Dewes has also joined PF Olsen as part of the Land Information team. Tatai recently completed a post-graduate diploma in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Auckland having attained his undergraduate Bachelors degrees in Geography and Environmental Science (also at Auckland Uni). Of Te Arawa decent, Tatai has a sound knowledge of tikanga Maori and is a fluent speaker of te reo Maori. Tatai's main focus with PF Olsen since starting has been related to help clients maximise their carbon credits claims. Welcome to PF Olsen, Tatai, and thanks for helping PF Olsen beat Timberlands in the recent social soccer competition.