PF Olsen Environmental Management System is Heart of FSC Group Scheme

A crucial enabling capability behind PF Olsen's FSC Group Scheme is its IT–based Environmental Management System (EMS) a sub-system of FIPS. FIPS is a full enterprise management system which integrates data and forest management and business processes across all of PF Olsen's business and the forestry businesses of PF Olsen clients.

Over the past three years, there has been significant development work in FIPS to improve the EMS. "When I reviewed our EMS a few years ago, I discovered many management processes which could be improved by incorporating them into FIPS", explains Kit Richards, PF Olsen's Environment Manager. "We now attain high compliance levels over an increasingly large portfolio of forests, with reduced overhead costs. This just wouldn't be possible with a paper-based system."

Some of the management processes now incorporated into FIPS include:

  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Education and training.
  • Incident reporting and management.
  • Auditing and corrective action management.
  • Consultation and stakeholder communications.
  • Protected ecosystems management.
  • Resource consent management.

As part of staff training, Jared Lee, PF Olsen Harvesting Manager, gets acquainted with a NZ Falcon at Wingspan, Rotorua. Reporting sightings of rare and endangered species is part of everyday management for the PF Olsen team.

PF Olsen's EMS experience and developments will be presented and demonstrated at the ForestTech 2009 event in both Rotorua (New Zealand) and Albury (Australia) in November (see www.foresttechevents.com). This event, organised by the Forest Industries Engineering Association, is an independent showcase for new tools and technologies to improve key operational, planning and strategic decision-making. The Albury ForestTech event will also mark the launch of PF Olsen's Group Certification Scheme for Australia covering both FSC and AFS (the Australian Forestry Standard).