FSC Certification Continues to Grow in New Zealand

The PF Olsen FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Group Scheme continues to grow, keeping Kit Richards and other PF Olsen staff busy. The most recent addition is the 5,400 hectare Selwyn Plantation Board estate in Canterbury, which previously had its own FSC certificate. As part of the process PF Olsen's FSC Group scheme underwent a pre-certification audit which affirmed the Group Scheme's robustness, integrity and scalability. Another recent addition was the 775 hectares of forests on the Mangamingi Station in the Central North Island.

In total, PF Olsen now manages 90,000 hectares of forests with FSC certification.

And the rate of new editions is accelerating. Forests in the process of being certified by PF Olsen include 900 hectares of forests on Rangataiki Station (near Taupo), a 1,150 hectare forest in Marlborough and 300 hectares in the Rangatikei district.

One concern expressed by some forest owners is that by being in a group scheme they are vulnerable to the environmental performance of other forests and their managers (which will usually, but may not necessarily, be PF Olsen). Kit Richards, PF Olsen's Environment Manager is reassuring on this point - "If an audit reveals non-compliance in any specific management area or specific forest, that Group Member/forest manager must address the issue or risk losing their Group membership. It would take a series of failures to jeopardise the integrity of the Group Scheme. And in fact, we are experiencing the opposite - high compliances and very low levels of corrective actions."

If you want to see what forests are in PF Olsen's Group Scheme and how it is performing, the Annual Disclosures (current to 30 June 2009) are available on our web site at http://www.pfolsen.com/nz_index.php?sect=fsc&inc=ogs.

If you want to learn more about FSC and PF Olsen's Group Scheme visit our website at http://www.pfolsen.com/nz_index.php?sect=fsc and click on the FSC drop down menu for more options and information, or e-mail Kit Richards at kit.richards@pfolsen.com.

PF Olsen is currently developing its environmental management system for its Australian business and will soon be launching an Australian-based Group Certification Scheme (see PF Olsen Environmental Management System is Heart of FSC Group Scheme below).