Update on Kokako Programme

We had some very positive feedback on our Kaharoa kokako piece featured in Wood Matter Issue 1 - Kokako Programme Achieves Milestone. This project seems to have captured the imagination and passion of a number of readers, some of whom are interested in replicating the model. Well, the news is good. A major relocation of kokako is being planned for August from the Kaharoa Conservation Area (just north of Rotorua) to Secretary Island, Fiordland. This is significant as it marks the return of the kokako to the South Island where they had previously become extinct.

The successful Kaharoa Kokako Trust represents the collaborative effort of the Department of Conservation and dedicated volunteers, with support from a number of other entities such as PF Olsen and one of our larger clients (OTPP Forest Investments NZ Ltd). The initiative has increased the number of pairs of the rare kokako from 12 to over 60 breeding pairs. Nationally there are only 681 known breeding pairs of this iconic NZ bird renowned for its distinctive, haunting bird-song.

For more information on the trust go to www.kokako.org.nz