New Tree Stock Harvesting Machine Increases Productivity and Reduces Injury

For those that don't know, PF Olsen produces around 2.0 million of primarily GF Plus Radiata pine tree stocks at its tree nursery at Waiuku (South Auckland) every year. The tree stocks are grown in containers which differentiates them from the more common bare-rooted stock.

"The advantage of containerised stock is that their fine root system remains substantially intact. This makes them much more resilient to water stress and improves survival rates in dry conditions", points out Kevin Haine, PF Olsen's Nursery Manager. "It means that you can plant much later in the season if you need to - as late as September/October in most sites, and make better use of the land".

Kevin also has a disposition for inventing new gadgets. His latest invention is a tree stock harvester. This new machine/set up allowed despatching this year's first orders in record time. The key is increasing productivity by loosening the tree stocks in the tray and providing an ergonomically-designed work-place (including new rain cover to protect workers from the elements). The added benefit is minimising the risk of reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and occupational over-use syndrome (OOS).

The new harvesting machine loosens tree stocks prior to packing and provides an ergonomically-designed work-place.

This year's tree stocks are particularly high quality. "The best quality we have ever produced", says Kevin. We still have plenty of stock available for planting this year. If you are contemplating planting some forest this year and need tree stocks, give Kevin a call and he will do a good deal for you: Phone 09 235 3877, Mobile 021 402 148, E-mail kevin.haine@pfolsen.com.