Update on Emissions Trading Scheme

This is a really short piece!

There has been a general hiatus in news regarding the review of the ETS since our last issue of Wood Matters in which we covered the (then) recently announced amendment Bill (see Issue 10 of Wood Matters, Introduction).

Rather than go round in circles speculating what may or may not come out of the review, we patiently await some concrete outcomes; ones which we hope will be of sufficient substance and of a sufficiently enduring nature to enable sound decisions to be made by forest owners, and would-be forest owners.

PF Olsen has spoken to its written submission to the select committee and continues to lobby politicians and MAF.

Please remember that the Afforestation Grant Scheme - AGS and the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative - PFSI are currently up and running. The AGS allocations are proving to cover all establishment expenditure and are becoming increasingly popular. The PFSI may suit specific situations of either very long-lived rotations, or situations where economic harvesting in unlikely to ever be viable. The AGS is covered in more detail in Issue 3 of Wood Matters. (N.B. Since this article was written allocations for indigenous forest projects have proven to be quite low as many of these have involved fencing off areas to encourage natural regeneration.)

If you would like more information on how you may be able to benefit from the AGS or PFSI, please contact your local representative, or call us on FREEPHONE 0508 PFOLSEN (736 5736) or email us as info@pfolsen.com or visit our website www.pfolsen.com.