Forest Stewardship Certification

Demand for certification services under PF Olsen Ltd's Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Group Scheme has escalated in recent months. Drivers appear to be the tightening market conditions and the now almost complete move by all corporate forest entities in NZ to obtain FSC certification.

This trend had been expected on the basis that as wood supply catchments become dominated by certified suppliers and processors, smaller and medium scaled forest owners will also have to consider their competitive market position.

Over the past year the Group Scheme has grown in area by just under 5,000ha through the addition of three new clients ranging in size from just 54ha to 7,000ha (the growth was only 5,000ha due to some drop-offs related to changing land use). A number of new parties are, or are set to start, on the certification path and enquiries are continuing. Losses to the scheme owing to conversion to non-forest use is now also expected to decline following the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme and the penalties that apply to removal of pre-1990 forest.

Parties wishing to know more about certification under the Group Scheme should visit PF Olsen's website or contact the Environment Manager, Kit Richards on 07 921 7206.