Clarky's Comment - December 2009, Climate Change

As forecast by many commentators in advance of the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Change conference, there is no new international binding agreement to replace or extend the Kyoto Protocol yet. Work on that will continue during 2010 leading up to COP16 in Mexico in November.

However positive progress in the Land Use and Land Use Change (LULUC) rules that affect forestry was made at Copenhagen. The international LULUCF discussions were ably chaired by Bryan Smith of MAF. David Rhodes, NZFOA CEO was also in Copenhagen for the duration and in constant dialogue with the NZ negotiating team to ensure that forest owner interests were well supported.

If the forestry rules are eventually agreed (as they almost were) then this will present a situation that New Zealand can live with. It would provide recognition of carbon in harvested wood products and it would also effectively provide offsetting. Post-1989 forestry would be unaffected.

We wish you a relaxing break and prosperous 2010 and thank you for your support through 2009.